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Practicing medicine involves more than just providing patient care, and almost all aspects of the health care industry are highly regulated by both state and federal laws as well as regulations established by the Colorado Medical Board and other health care authorities. Practice-related complaints can have as much impact on your reputation and career as those regarding patient care, so speaking with an experienced health care lawyer is essential to protect your rights.

Steven R. Kabler of Miller|Kabler, P.C., is an experienced Denver attorney handling legal health care issues of concern to individual practitioners, hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities in Colorado. As a former Senior Assistant Attorney General, Steve managed complex health-related litigation on behalf of the Medical Board and other health care regulatory authorities.

Strong Advocacy For Health Care Providers In Colorado

In addition to defending physicians, dentists, nurses, psychologists and other licensed health care professionals against the regulatory consequences of substandard care complaints, we also have extensive experience managing other practice-related complaints brought by patients, hospital administrators, the Medical Board or law enforcement agencies. We provide knowledgeable and practical counsel on issues arising from:

  • Poor patient documentation Practice-Related Issues
  • Insensitive behavior that ignores patient feelings or distress
  • Disruptive physician complaints, which often lead to peer review investigations
  • Violations of doctor-patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Crossing personal boundaries with patients, whether consensual or not
  • Regulatory compliance issues with regard to Board regulations, HIPAA, the Medical Transparency Act and reporting to the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) and the Healthcare Integrity Protection Data Bank (HIPDB)
  • Improper use of the prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) to look up former patient information or information about colleagues or hospital staff
  • Improper insurance coding, or "upcoding," and other insurance claim issues that may constitute insurance fraud
  • Failure to report fraud, unsafe practices, substance abuse or other issues as required by the Medical Practice Act and other statutes and regulations

Because of his extensive experience in health care legal matters, Steve understands the full implications of the law and how it can affect your particular case. He provides strong medical license defense should matters proceed to a formal review by the Medical Board, seeking resolutions that protect your short- and long-term goals.

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To discuss your practice-related concerns with Steve, contact us online or call 800-507-2168.